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Melanie Michelle Williams

A Christian for over thirty years, M. Michelle Williams is married to Trevor since December 16, 1996, and together they have four boys. 

Prior to getting married and having children, Melanie served as a diplomat in the Jamaican Foreign Service in Bonn, Germany, and at the Jamaican Mission to the United Nations in New York, NY, USA. 

Since the birth of her second child, Melanie had the privilege of staying at home with them and thus began her life as a Professional Volunteer. She has been an active volunteer at her children’s schools for over twelve years and continuing. She has served (and continues to serve) on the School Advisory Council and on the Executive Board of the Parent Teachers’ Association (PTA) at two schools. Recently, she was elected to serve as the 1st Vice President on the Orange County Council of PTAs/PTSAs for the 2018-2019 school year. On a part-time basis, she serves as a Consultant with Informed Families of Florida directing peer group sessions on the effects of drugs and alcohol on the teens’ brains.

Melanie enjoys writing and has authored two children's books. She is currently working on a devotional book. Her other favorite pastimes are reading historical and inspirational books;  traveling; and serving others. She particularly enjoys studying God’s word and presenting encouraging, thought-provoking lessons on the Prayer Calls. She is one of the Facilitators of the Sisters Bible Class that meets on Tuesdays at her home congregation, the Southside Church of Christ in Orlando, Florida, USA. She is passionate about serving with the Youth and Education 

Ministries as a Bible class teacher and coach/mentor for Bible Bowl and other spiritual events. Her heart’s desire is to surrender her life completely to God and to win souls for the Kingdom.

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The inspiration for our writings and creative designs come from the word of God.  As Ambassadors, we feel the need to saturate the world with the written word.

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